The rise of eCommerce: why consumers love shopping online

The rise of eCommerce and online shopping

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, we were a country obsessed with online shopping; this trend only continued when the UK had no choice but to lockdown and consumers were told to stay home. So why do we love shopping online, and how has the rise of eCommerce affected couriers and the logistics industry?

Why do consumers love shopping online?

  1. Convenience

It’s no secret that in today’s society everyone is time poor, trying to balance work, children and socialising. That’s why online shopping is so great because you can shop 24/7 wherever you are. It makes shopping for fashion items, beauty, electricals and everything you could ever want to purchase much easier! The rise of eCommerce means that consumers are no longer tied to the opening hours of physical shops and stores, making it a lot simpler to spend their hard-earned cash. Whether you are a small independent eCommerce business or one of the big players like Amazon and ASOS, there are plenty of opportunities to cash in on consumers’ love of convenient shopping.

2. Ability to compare prices

Consumers love knowing they are getting a good deal, whether it’s searching for a discount code or finding a better deal else where. The benefit of online shopping is that you can compare multiple retailers prices, with just a few clicks. There is no need to walk endlessly around shopping centres and retail parks noting the price of a product; with a touch of a button you can compare hundreds of retailers and, to make life even easier, there are some platforms that will do the searching for you and send the best deals direct to your inbox.

3. To avoid crowds

As we slowly begin to move out of covid-19 restrictions, there is a lot of anxiety surrounding being in large crowds, especially after avoiding them as much as possible for the last 12 months. Shopping with eCommerce businesses allows consumers to shop from the comfort of their own home without the need to visit a busy shopping centre or travel to the closest city to visit the shops they require. 

How has the rise of eCommerce impacted the logistics industry?

1. Higher demand

When the pandemic hit, across the UK, people were told to stay home. They were only allowed to leave home to shop for essential items such as groceries and medication. The only way consumers could shop for non-essential items was online. This of course led to an increase in online shopping and an increase in demand for couriers, as all those parcels needed to be delivered. The logistics industry also played a major role in supporting front-line workers, delivering PPE, hand sanitiser and other essential medical supplies to healthcare workers and those supporting them.

2. More jobs

An increase in demand for logistics services led to an increase in jobs, as more delivery and warehouse staff were required to fulfil the high number of orders. Whilst most industries struggled to keep the staff they already employed, the logistics industry began recruiting for more staff. This provided an opportunity for anyone who had been furloughed or made redundant to get back to work and help support those fighting covid-19.

3. Greater competition

The rise of eCommerce and shopping online has led to greater competition for those in the logistics industry. As with all industries, if someone sees an opportunity they are going to act on it. The increase in online shopping has resulted in several more logistics companies opening and entering the market but, despite the additional competition, well-established logistics and courier businesses have continued to thrive due to extensive experience and great customer service.

If you are an eCommerce business and are looking for a logistics service to support your business, please contact your local CSM branch as we have a range of options available to support eCommerce businesses with fulfilment. 

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