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Here you can find additional information about our services that might apply to whatever you are sending. If you can’t find what you’re looking for and have questions that haven’t been answered here or elsewhere then please get in touch with your nearest CSM branch. The staff will be only too happy to help.

We pride ourselves on the personal service we can offer you which is why we don’t use any call centres or automated messages – you’ll be talking to people who understand your business and who will be handling it personally should you decide to work with us.

cost effective parcel delivery
cost effective parcel delivery

Large Package Surcharge

A surcharge will apply to packages over a combined length and girth of 300cm

Please note packages subject to a large package surcharge will be charged at a minimum of 40kg

cost effective parcel delivery

Undelivered Package

Packages not delivered or refused will be returned to the carrier’s depot at the account holder’s expense, and billed accordingly.

Please note that for destinations outside the EU local customs charges could also be applied.

cost effective parcel delivery

Over Maximum Size

A surcharge applies to packages over 70kg or packages over the maximum length of 270cm.

Please note packages exceeding either the maximum length or girth will be charged at a minimum of 40kg.
For anything with a length and girth over 419cm please contact your local branch for an alternative service and quote.

cost effective parcel delivery

Saturday Deliveries

Available to most cities & towns in the UK, and major EU and Worldwide destinations*.

* Please call to check availability

cost effective parcel delivery

Address Correction Fee

An additional fee per consignment is charged where an address has to be amended.
cost effective parcel delivery

DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) Fee

If you’d like to pay the duty and tax for shipments sent to and from countries outside the EU (provided the country allows this), then a surcharge is applicable per consignment in addition to any tax, Duty and Customs Processing fees. These charges must be paid immediately.

cost effective parcel delivery

Additional Handling

This applies to any packages that are over 30 kilos, as assistance could be required to load heavy items.

It may apply to packages that are:

Please also be aware that the maximum weight to certain international destinations is 31.5kgs due to aircraft size – please confirm with CSM beforehand.

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