Long Parcel Courier Services


When you use CSM’s long parcel delivery service, sending long parcels is quick, easy and stress-free.

A long parcel is classed as any parcel over 100cms in length meaning that if you ship long items, it can be costly. However, CSM is here to provide you with a cost effective, efficient and friendly long parcel delivery service.

Shipping long parcels internationally

CSM can provide both economy road and air express services to the EU. We also offer economy express and air express to the rest of the world – for very large shipments air, sea and road freight are also available.

When might long parcel services be required?

There are several items that would fall into the long parcel category. We’ve listed a few below that might be relevant to your business. If you have any questions on whether your products fall into this category please contact us using our contact form or get in touch with your local branch.

Items classed as long parcels:


For further information on our services and sending long parcels, please contact our team.


We can accommodate lengths up to 3 metres long. For anything above this length, please contact your local CSM office.

By factoring in the weight and the dimensions and destination of your parcel, CSM will be able to generate tailored pricing to suit your requirements.

Not necessarily. By using CSM we can route your parcel through various carriers to ensure your consignment arrives at the required time.

We would always advise our customers to ensure that their parcel is packaged well enough to withstand the rigours of transport.  Where parcels are longer we would recommend using plenty of protective wrapping to minimise the risk of damage.

All of our shipments include tracking information, the first thing you can do is log into your account or use the tracking information emailed to you. If there are no updates on your tracking information, please contact our customer service team who will be happy to assist you.

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