How have parcel delivery tracking methods changed in recent years?

Hove have parcel delivery tracking methods changed?

Thanks to modern technology, gone are the days of relying on the post office and the recipient to inform you that a delivery had arrived. Now customers are able to track parcels from collection to when a courier knocks on their door. The advancements in delivery tracking technology are helping to improve the reputation of the logistics industry after many years of bad press due to the lack of tracking options available.

There are now so many options when you need to send a parcel, from home collection to drop-off points in corner shops and supermarkets; you are no longer restricted by post office opening times, with couriers offering a range of collection times to suit everyone’s lifestyle. Gone are the days of rushing to the post office before it closes and standing in long queues at peak times. New options for collection are great, but what else has changed when it comes to shipping parcels?

As a business, one of your biggest fears maybe losing a customer’s parcel but thanks to the internet and tech geniuses across the globe, you and your customer can track shipments every step of the way. These technological advances in parcel delivery tracking mean that if your shipment is delayed, you will notified and can keep your customer in the loop. So how does it work? When we receive your parcel (via collection or drop-off), we will attach a shipment label with a barcode. The barcode is then scanned into our tracking system, allowing it to be tracked from our depot to your customer’s door. You’ll no longer need to spend hours on the phone to couriers trying to locate your parcel; with just a few clicks you will be able to see exactly where your shipments are in their journey. 

Whether you have a large shipment or a smaller one, you can use our parcel tracking service. Simply log in to your account and follow the instructions; it is a quick and easy process. We can also send email confirmation of delivery upon request. If you would like to add our email notification service to your account, please contact your local CSM branch for further information. 

If you would like more information about any of our services, or our shipment tracking system, please contact your local CSM branch. The team will be happy to assist with any enquires you may have.

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