How do CSM ensure timely delivery in peak season?

Delivery in peak season…

With Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and January sales all on the horizon, we’ve put together this blog detailing some tips and information on how to ensure timely delivery in peak season.

When is peak season?

It may come as a surprise, but peak season in the logistics industry is classed from the 31st October until the 15th January. This period includes all the sales in the run-up to Christmas, Christmas deliveries and January sales.

What measures do CSM use to ensure timely delivery?

We work closely with all of our customers during this period to ensure we are aware of any increases in volume from them. Getting our clients shipments fulfilled is our priority during the festive period, and by communicating regularly with our customers, we ensure we can cater for the rise in demand.

During the lead up to Christmas, you may find that timed delivery options are extended. We put this measure in place to ensure that the increase in volume through the network can be fully catered for. For example a CSM 12 service could be extended to 2pm which gives the delivery drivers a bigger window to meet their delivery time slots. 

How can businesses prepare for peak season?

There are several things businesses can do to prepare for peak season. This includes sending items early, packaging consignments compactly, and informing us early of increases in demand.

The earlier that shipments can be sent, the better. We understand that this may not always be the case however allowing a day extra can really reduce the pressure placed on delivery deadlines.

Ensuring consignments are packed securely and compact is ideal. This enables consignments to travel through the networks safer and quicker, minimising any potential delays.

If you know a specific period will be busy for your business due to an offer, let us know in advance, so we can prepare for the increased demand.

For more information on how CSM can support your business during peak season, contact our team. 

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