API Integration


Processing all the labels can be very time consuming, but there is an easier way – just link your website to ours by using an API

So what’s an API?

Websites are built using code and most of that code is hidden, so if you want your website to talk directly to someone else’s you need to use an API which stands for “Application Programming Interface” A website will make some parts of its code available to developers so that they can built tools for the site, and the code they expose is called the API

So an API is just a way to plug one website into another.

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It effectively acts as a bridge, and once in place, data and instructions can cross over that bridge. The beauty of an API is that it’s a software-to-software interface. Sounds technical but it simply means that the applications talk to each other so there’s no need for you to do anything – it all happens automatically!

So what is it that happens?

Well, once your website is linked to ours you will be able to automatically
  • Confirm rates
  • Create labels (PDF, GIF or PNG)
  • Arrange the shipping
  • Track your parcel
  • Void a job
So give your nearest branch a call today and find out how an API can help make your life a whole lot easier.
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