A guide to correctly labeling parcels.

A guide to correctly labeling parcels

Correctly labeling parcels is one of the most important things to do as it will ensure your parcel gets to the right place with minimal delay. Here are some of our tips for correctly labeling your parcels as well as a few common mistakes to avoid. We’ve also included some packaging tips to keep your goods safe during transit.


How to correctly label a parcel

Here are a few of our tips to ensure your parcels are labeled correctly:

  • Remove any old labels from previous shipments that are no longer required.
  • Remove any hazardous material indicators that are no longer applicable.
  • Use strong shipping tape not sellotape, sellotape can be impacted by hot or cold weather conditions that may lead to the label falling off.
  • Use one address label that clearly shows the delivery address, relevant delivery information and returns information.
  • Before sealing the parcel, place a duplicate address label inside in case of any issues with the external label. 
  • A label pouch is a great option to ensure your label is safe, secure and protected from the elements.


Common mistakes to avoid when labeling parcels

  • Avoid using sellotape as it is not a secure taping option and can lead to important label information being marked or damaged.
  • Ensure boxes and packages are securely sealed before attaching the external label to prevent items falling out.
  • Do not use string or paper over-wrap as these are not secure fastening options.
  • When using label pouches, ensure they are correctly sealed to prevent the label falling out during transit. 


CSM packing tips

  • Use a sturdy box that can be securely fastened.
  • Wrap all items inside your parcel separately in packing material such as bubble wrap.
  • Add cushioning to the box if items are delicate or fragile.
  • Ensure boxes are not bulging or overpacked so they can be easily stacked in transit.
  • When reusing boxes ensure all previous packing material, such as tape, as well as any previous labels are removed.


For further information on labeling and packing your parcels for shipping, please contact our team.

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